Curse my absent mindedness

July 13, 2011

In recent memory, I’ve been incurring financial losses and/or inconvenience due solely to my absent mindedness; my supreme ability to completely forget about things, and my ability to completely shutoff all my sensory receptors to the world and not notice anything. I have:

  • lost RM0.30 of change from forgetting to keep it and leaving with it still on the table at the eatery
  • lost RM20 to some bastard who claims he got robbed, never found out if that was true
  • lost RM9.80 for forgetting to claim a 5% discount I was wholly eligible for through a privilege that cost RM20 annually
  • forgot passwords and pin for my bank account, debit card, PSN, email, etc
  • constantly forgeting my own cellphone number
  • and a whole bunch of others which I forgot, yay

P.S. if you think losing 0.30 is nothing, you’d think losing the same amount for 100000 times is nothing you rich fuck. Money is money, amount irregardless.

This will be a different story but I notice sometimes I’d allude my currency to ‘bucks’ in a random effort to cloud my origins, there’s the fear of big brother watching. Not that I got enough traffic to command great influence nor do I even have a political agenda but who knows. People prefer to interprets things in the way most convenient to themselves; and I spout nonsense so randomly that I might ‘hit’ something lol, if you’ve ever studied math you’d know of the probability theory. But then again, my random effort at concealment isn’t really consistent and I did used to not care about those things back when I started this blog so if someone really had the intention they could still easily find out about my whereabouts by just going way back into the backnumbers. Even besides that, there are random clues around that hints a lot, like the Jubeats post recently lol. So what’s this paragraph about? It’s about my inability to pull off and see through a lie perfectly. Damn it.


One comment

  1. yea… “sikit sikit, lama lama jadi bukit” (however that goes).

    /Goes back into the backnumbers
    I have a confirmation on the target’s location, incoming… oh let’s wait till August.

    Main difference of jubeats here vs there (assumption from vid), hard ass buttons = awesome; check.

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