July 15, 2011

Done reading Nyarlko 7 today. Volume 7 had particularly little major events but it was also interesting as it put together chapters told from the perspective of the other character besides Mahiro, which gave an interesting look at the thoughts of some of those ‘what-the-hell-are-they-even-thinking!?’ characters and also some surprising revelation of how some characters are really feeling about things. First chapter were about Nyarlko’s perspective, telling about how she became friends with Tamao during the first weeks. The next chapter was about a meeting Nyarlko, Cthuko and Mahiro had in Dreamland sometime during the incident involving the Great Race of Yith incident, again from Nyarlko’s perspective about. Both chapters were told in the form of a report by Nyarlko to the Planetary Protection Organisation (however you want to call that, 惑星保護機構). Then there is a chapter from Kurei Tamao’s perspective of a day out with Nyarlko, and another chapter from the perspective of Shantak-kun. In between were several chapters in Mahiro’s usual point of view as well, one of them involving the villain for this time around, the Mi-gos; short because it started and concluded in a single chapter alone, also demonstrating how weak Mi-gos were. Volume 7 presented little in plot progression aside from Mahiro getting even more closer to Nyarlko compared to before but nothing regarding the premonition of the world getting destroyed yet but the alternate perspectives provided an interesting read, now they just need to have one for Cthuko and Hastur.

Aside from that, I’ve also went to the movies to catch Transformers: The Dark of the Moon today. It was… long, it didn’t felt long, but it was actually long. It wasn’t the greatest movie ever but it was entertaining where it should be. Most online reviews were right on that. Also, by the end of the movie I question Megatron’s ability to make decisions and ability to decide on a better time to act on his decisions.


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