July 22, 2011

I’m pretty sure I used that post title before…

Anyway, OTL! In just two days I’ve sent 3 separate orders for 6 books to be arriving within a month or so… 6 very expensive books! (for my currency anyway, they were dirt cheap at where they came from >_>)

It’s nothing new but days like these I can’t help but curse the weak currency here… or the entire currency system of the world as a whole for not having a standardized value amongst common humanity. We really need some major alien invasion to get many things right…

Note: yeah sure, there are countries who are having it worse but they are suffering from the same thing I’m condemning anyway… partially if not wholly anyway.

Note2: Also, my college will be getting out of its break from next Monday onwards~ not that it’ll matter in here lol

Note3: Every single thing in this post have appeared in this blog before in the past; from the post title, to expensive books, to cursing the currency, to alien invasion, to announcing my college resumption, to listing out things I’ve already posted before. lol another boring day… now I’ve also mentioned that many times before. I need a can of brain juice…


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