Otousan to Issho! Shoujo to Megane to Hyperion

July 27, 2011

This one I’ve been reading since the other time I was done with Nyarko 7. Having done reading in about 2 weeks, that’s pretty fast considering it is noticeably thicker than Nyarko on average. And the title… save for the subtitle, that has to be one of the most troublesome title to search online I have ever came across. There are tonnes of other books using that title. While I ultimately retired to just searching for Shoujo to Megane to Hyperion (少女とメガネとハイペリオン) in the end, I realized after that instead of the usual grammatically correct おとうさん for Otousan, Otousan to Issho (abbr to OtoIsho herein) was using おとーさん, which still means and reads the same. You can’t get any more subtle of a differentiation lol. Searching using おとーさん gave instant results though.

According to the author, OtoIsho is a simple heartwarming story of a father and daughter’s life in the backdrop of a futuristic science fiction world. Indeed it was a science fiction world; it depicts a world many generations — probably hundreds of generations — after humanity started ‘evolving’ and ultimately gained the ability to subconsciously connect with one another, with time and numbers, this eventually develop into a huge pool of subconscious energy and these evolved people could draw these energy into reality as well, hence also manifesting as something of a pseudo-special powers kind of thing. Presently society are split between those who have completely evolved as the greater majority and no longer identifies themselves as humans, and those who are still old version humans remain a very minority.

Cute cover eh? Never judge a book by its cover lol

In a nutshell, OtoIsho is nowhere near a simple and heartwarming story lol. It has death, assassination, betrayal (many MANY betrayals), stratal discrimination, government conspiracies, and a whole lot of technobabble. Well, I suppose you can say at the heart of it it’s really about the relation between the father and daughter. A review I read also likened OtoIsho more to a hard-boil crime novel which after reading the whole thing, I have to agree as well. The main character, Ryuu, has a pistol and his own special flame blade thing as a weapon so he could defend himself but aren’t particularly specialized at fighting. Of the many battle that took place only a handful had him explicitly defeating the opponent, most others he either escapes or lost. This was a somewhat realistic touch I guess. He would also not get particularly shaken when characters get badly hurt or die, unless if it affects his jobs. That’s hard-boil right there.

lol I’ve skipped on actually touching on the story itself because otherwise I would then have to explain all the technobabbles, which I’m not going to do. Bought this on an impulse thinking it was a one off story but apparently a second book is already out. That’s one of the 6 book orders I said I made. In fact, 5 of the 6 books are light novels. Light novel boom zomg. Well, I’m out of things to read now, time to go back to eroges again.


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