Vacanza finale

July 31, 2011

Today marks the final day of my 9 months ‘holiday’ since November 2010. Well, technically there was a college semester from January till June but I had so little classes a week that it felt like the holidays never ended. Same can’t be said of this next semester. And while technically college begun the previous Monday, nothing’s really taught in class until the second week (I hope) so I’m only going tomorrow… I did almost went on several days but laziness ultimately set in and I changed my mind at the most last of minutes everytime. Anyway, no more sleeping and waking up at whatever time of he day as I like tomorrow onwards.

As for today, I went down to KL with several things in mind; pick up the 6 books I ordered (yar, they arrived much earlier than I though orz), drop by Tokyo Street, maybe also drop by the Digital Lifestyle Expo (DLE), and also to calculate compared the total cost of alternative routes to the city as the cost of the usual route I take are increasing outrageously as of late. My parents caught wind of this and decided they wanted to have a look at the Digital Lifestyle Expo (didn’t really felt compelled to mention the rest of my plans) as well so instead of going there myself using public transports I’ve went with my family in their car so calculation and comparison went down the drain there. As I would not like to be carrying blocks of heavy paper around, the books would come last and since my family came for the DLE anyway, it was DLE first of course. Nothing outstanding there, the Western Digital booth did have some tempting prices for their stuffs but I’m not in a hurry for that so didn’t get them. Moore’s Law; by the time I need stuff later, the price’s going to be much cheaper by then anyway. Next was supposed to be Tokyo Street but the weather looked like it wasn’t planning to stay nice so that didn’t really happen (@#%^#!!!). So I just went and got my books and went home with my parents.

Was just 4 days ago when I was done reading OtoIsho and now I have the second book. I couldn’t wait to read the 2nd book at the point of time 4 days ago when I flipped the final page of the first book but now I’m not really feeling as excited… such speed people could lose their interest lol. Well, I’m not saying I’m not going to read it, it’s definitely the first one of the 6 I’m reading, just saying my hype subsided somewhat in just 4 days. Short attention span, like the rest of the modern world.

Also, this I only found out the other day:


Good thing it’s only out in October… >_> Budget overload damn it.

Extra points if this is actually supposed to fill in for Twisted Metal: Black 2 aka Twisted Metal: Harbor City


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