August 1, 2011

Apparently in addition to all the things that happened yesterday, I also lost my wallet. Stuff I lost includes my citizen ID, student ID, driver’s license, debit card, insurance card, smart card, about RM150 cash, and the receipt from the shop for my broken PSP (did I ever mention that case in here? I can’t remember) which is also the only record of my PSP’s serial, meaning I may have also lost my PSP together with my wallet. The citizen ID would probably require RM50 or RM100 for a reissue depending on whatever they want to care about, a replacement student ID would cost RM25, the smart card had RM20 something remaining in it and it’ll need a minimum of RM10 for a new card, as for the driver’s license and insurance card I don’t even have any idea how much it would cost, as for the insurance I don’t even know if it’s possible to get a replacement, only saving grace is that the debit card replacement was free. Sum up with the depreciated cost of my old PSP at RM400 as well as RM150 cash, that single wallet spelled a net loss of about RM705. What did I say about absentmindedness and its toll on my life? Not the best day of my life. Keep getting reminded of the last time I lost my wallet. Come to think of it, I made a blog post in the old blog on that day too didn’t I. Oh yeah, something about scaring lolis on the way out of the police station lol. Not that I expect any of the readers then to still be around now.

I need to get pass this…

Gloom and doom aside, I’ve went to watch Captain America with a friend today in an attempt to get my mind off things. If you are to judge purely by good or bad, it is somewhat on the decent-ish side. Action’s fine, story development is fine, some review highlighted the goofy costume but they made fun of it in the movie itself anyway so that’s fine as well. The down side though is the somewhat vague motivation for why the antagonist does what he do, yeah, he believes in and seeks the power of the gods but why? It was briefly hinted that he just wants to destroy the world but again, why? Aside from that, half way through the movie the Nazis just mysteriously disappears and attention goes completely onto Red Skull and his own personal army. Then there’s the blue laser of t3h godz that pulverizes people, explodes objects/buildings/tanks, but gets cleanly deflected by vibranium. Nothing a little suspension of disbelief can’t fix but it varies on how much you are willing to forgive, I suppose.


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