August 8, 2011

While also speeding up my greater plan for world domination, I have been piecing my life back little by little through out the past week after the loss of my wallet a week back. As a fruit of what I’ve been trying to get done for so long, I’ve FINALLY went over to the place I was always meaning to go and got myself this.

Well, crediting to financial considerations, it’s not perfectly inline with what I initially wanted but it suffices. Tried it around the neighbourhood recently and realized how much I suck at paddling in a straight line lol. Can’t blame me though, last I rode a bicycle was more than half my entire lifetime ago. Nothing repeated usage won’t overcome though. The saying that one can never forget how to ride a bike once they learned how still somewhat holds true however; took just several seconds for my body to recall the motor memories and it was smooth cycling from then, albeit in a chaotic non-linear path lol.

Anyway, with the public transport getting more and more expensive these days and my utter refusal to join the ever so popular petroleum corporation cock sucking legions, this bicycle will definitely be seeing more daylight.



  1. zomg baisikuru

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