Otousan to Issho! 2 Angelica no Eikou

August 9, 2011

Two daughters now, oh wow

Starting from last Monday, this one clocks at just one week. Not bad, not bad at all. The story takes place shortly after the first book, where Ru are still and Nono are now under Ryuu’s custody in the human township (where Ryuu stays) while the flying capital city (where the world government resides) undergoes recovery from the massive chaos and destruction during the first book. Then a new threat appears and the already half destroyed city gets messed up even further lol. I’ve always thought the citizens must be some extremely resilient and patient people to be able to put up with all the chaos time and time again. One thing I felt in this second book is that it didn’t have as much ‘volume’ as the first book; the first book –while actually covering only one arc– felt as if many things have happened by the time it reaches the end; there were multiple villains and it wasn’t until the very end before the true villain was uncovered hence the characters went through lots of detours along the way. Whereas in the second book, the villain was pretty much identified from the early parts so there was little surprise in terms of direction all the way in. Still, it’s an interesting read. Looking forward to the third book. Next up, Hataraku Maou-sama. Oh, also, I’ve been trying to challenge myself to read two books at the same time! I know it won’t work but anyway, the second one should be Maou na Ano Ko to Murabito A~Osananajimi ha Yuusha desu~

Onto a separate story, today I tried cycling to the neighbouring town where my college was. Something I think I knew but forgot: my college is on higher ground compared to my house OTL Bloody uphill all the way there. Adversely, the trip back was epic quick and effortless. I was practically just sitting on the bicycle on the trip back instead of cycling. Fun stuff.


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