Gensou Mangekyou ~ Shunsetsu Ihen no Shou

August 14, 2011

With Comiket 80 on and all, I was about to make an entry about the new Touhou13 when I saw this uploaded by its producer on Nico Nico Douga. Then I searched in youtube and found it there as well. This is a great day.

Edit: a word for those who didn’t know, this is a representation of the entire Touhou 7 (Youyoumu ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom) in 19 minutes. It is voiceless and this is not a glitch, it is a conscious decision by the producers, if you want a reason to go with that, just stomach this: 【because Touhou being more like a collective fan community entity by now that everyone has a different expectation for the voice of each characters, no one seiyuu will ever fit any one Touhou character without everyone making a fuss (ultra huge fuss(so huge that heads will roll)). Hence there is a subtle agreement amongst many (most?) fans that keeping it true to the game (voiceless) would be the best】 Is that the real reason? I don’t know~ I just made that up lol. But then again, there might be some truth in there… meh, it’ll probably end up being a wall of text and drown this post if I even try to explain properly so I’ll just leave it at that ┐(´ー`)┌

Here’s the trailer from the other time btw.

P.S. btw, earlier this post when I say fan, I’m talking about fans in Japan.

P.S.S. I’ll make another entry about Touhou13 soon. Thinking whether I should take my own screencaps or use those by other people. I know I’m not epic enough to play Touhou and capture screens at the same time lol.


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