Toho Cross

August 21, 2011

This is so epicly awesome it deserves an entire post for itself

Extra awesome because it manages to collage actual scenes from Touhou 6 to Touhou 12 to correspond with the original Chrono Cross opening.

about MMD杯: MMD, abbreviation for MikuMikuDance, is a freeware 3D program thing mainly used to produce much of the 3D clips in NikoNikoDouga nowadays, character models are created by anyone in the community and useable by everyone else. Ones that cost money have been surfacing these days as well apparently. And MMD杯 (MMD Cup) is an event held every several months or so in Nico where users will create videos using MMD based on a number of themes designated by the MMD Cup committee. Fun comes in where the given themes are mostly single words or phrases and interpretation is open so users often come up with some surprising stuff. 第7回 just means it’s the 7th MMD Cup. The theme in this video is 魔 for 魔理沙 (Marisa)… I’m out of brain juice, just go here if there are anything else you want to know.

EDIT: here is another participant to the competition the following day that kind of embodies what is MMD.

Been playing a lot of doujin games the past week. Might be posting something about those soon. Also, I probably won’t post about Touhou 13 after all, on second thought after the last time I figured there are probably some other millions of blogs out there which has already covered Touhou13 anyway, so yeah.


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