Conan The Barbarian

September 3, 2011

time slip! because I can~

Went to watch this with some friends today. Well, it was from around 9:20pm to 11:30pm so… yeah, still today. Conan, barbarian born in a battlefield, grows up in village, village gets destroyed, revenge, damsel in distress, distractions, damsel in another distress, kill villain, venue of final showdown crumbles, ending. Hmm, what to say, well, it delivers decently for action and gar, the story -ignoring the fact that there is nothing the world haven’t seen before- was decently executed too. Can’t really say much about the acting though; I wasn’t paying attention to really tell a difference to be honest, why should I anyway, the carnage is all that matters lol. However some plot devices were of questionable relevance and that kind of stuck with me at the end… like… ‘wait, whatever happened to that!?’, something like that. The presentation of the savageness of it all was nice too, with the degree of gore you’d expect from barbarians fighting using sharp objects and more. The actual movie I saw had quite a number of scenes obviously (jumping bgms) cut out though, no thanks to the local ignorance preservation council (aka the local censorship board). All in all, it’s good if you’re watching it mainly for the violent madness and gar, I suppose. lol


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