Deliberately stepping on landmines

September 16, 2011

Once upon a time, I mentioned how buying BRS would break my self imposed restrain from the ever expensive figurine hobby. Looky what happened to me now lol. I’m already all weak-kneed at the sight of this BRS2035 figma and this Jehuty revoltech. It’s not even my first time seeing those figures; I’ve already known about them before from news of their announcements quite some time back but oh such effectiveness the arrival of that parcel the last few days had at destroying my resolve. It’s like I used to live in this barrier against figurinal desires and now that barrier’s vaporized. lol damn it.

Fortunately, for how much I could not control my random impulses internally, I compensate by placing physical resistance in the real world; like locking my money away from myself lol. Thank you, my past self!

I also have premium edition Atelier Totori and Twisted Metal ahead of me. Damn it!


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