Self restrain

September 27, 2011

I hereby shall not make anymore major purchases for the rest of the year; no books, no games, no nothing. White Knight Chronicles 2 two weeks ago, BRS2035 last week, premium Atelier Totori this week, this is not good. I suppose games aren’t that hard to ward myself off but books are quite painful. For that reason, Twisted Metal, El Shaddai, Tales of Xillia, and Catherine shall wait till at least next year. I’m not in a hurry to catch the fresh bandwagon, kind of glad I’m somewhat apathetic to that bullshit. I’ll admit there are cases where even I will be concerned though, lol. I’m kind of semi planning to head over to Kobe around mid next year anyway so I’ll be getting El Shaddai (maybe, or here, depends), Xillia (should be fine by then, or is it?) and Catherine (unbearable dubs, royally unbearable) over there.

But then again, I currently have a surplus of delivery budget left from BRS. I’m not going to convert it back from yen, such a waste of money to do that. Hmm…



  1. El Shaddai – you want the ‘default’ version or the one which has the ability to switch subs and languages?

    I think I mentioned this before but, you can have my El Shaddai if you want – I can just ‘toss a copy’ of it into my cous’ console for later use.
    As a gesture for your lost wallet + this impulse (living in aki…… is definitely not healthy for us) lolz.

    I was almost close to buying one myself back ‘there’.. maybe it was a good thing that: it was kind of too big to fit in the bag after the other thing I had gotten there.

    • There are a number of factor in play here; amongst them is the Nico hype, then I also have another friend who is also a Nico fan but does not know Jp, then the desire to actually support the company rather than just play the game (which wasn’t really spectacular anyway to be honest), etc, to name a few.

      So thanks but no thanks.

      And who the fish is Mathis J?

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