Uchi no Majo Shirimasen ka?

October 1, 2011

This one… is a sad story… I think. ‘Witch’es exists in the world but they aren’t the witches of lore that uses magic or lurks in swamps but instead are a biologically distinct and extremely endangered species of being that looks exactly like human females, called ‘witch’ because they look like one. Kashiwazaki Fumiya is a son of a hardcore ‘witch’ enthusiast who goes all over the world looking for traces of these witches hoping to arrive at the supposed witch’s ‘paradise’. The story starts with news of Fumiya’s father going missing in the Himalayas along with the news of the witch ‘Sayaka’, the last surviving witch, reported dead in custody. At school, Fumiya’s friend, Moriya Ryouta, also a hardcore witch enthusiast, discredits the extinction of witches and suggests that they visit the forest where the authorities found Sayaka 7 years ago, believing that there may still be witches around. There, Fumiya meets the young witch, Mira.

This is quite a gloomy story in disguise. It was heartwarming throughout most of time but deep down there was always that implied sadness and loneliness where Mira, being the last witch in existence, is all alone in the world, in addition to several other things that gets revealed later on which makes it even more saddening. Even at the ending where Fumiya and friends finally managed to secure Mira’s safety for the rest of her life, the price they had to pay was enormous, ultimately making it difficult to tell whether it was a happy or sad ending. Some very complicated feeling it gives. Terrible world Mira lives in, poor Mira. Well, what the ending ultimately mean is very much open to interpretation though. One other thing that stood out earlier on was Fumiya’s incredible whimpiness; several actions he took (of didn’t take) really made me feel like punching him in the face if he was around, but he overcame his cowardice (some of it) towards the end so I suppose that contributes to character development then.


There’s a volume 2 out by now but that one will not be a continuation of Fumiya and Mira’s story but instead is another story of another set of characters taking place concurrently with Fumiya and Mira’s timeline at another place. I guess that means there is no salvation for Fumiya and Mira’s conclusion. Poor Mira… poor Fumiya.


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