October 8, 2011

lol, well, it seems like a staple for blogs (well, not really) to celebrate large round even numbered view counts, usually in random increments, so I figured I would do it when I reach 50000 some time ago~ and now I’m doing it! Although I’m off by about 600 over hits but mind not the details. These posts are also usually accompanied by a note of gratitude for continuous patronage but I’m not doing that, none of you ever did me any good anyway. ha ha ha ha. Well, maybe a select few did, I don’t know, gratefulness where applied perhaps.

Also unlike how some (ok, probably not many lol) would post up these kind of blog entries accompanied by an image with “*****HITS! THANK YOU!” superimposed on it, I shall defer and put up this awesome audiorgasm instead.



  1. lol, I thought it was half a mil at first. Are those unique hits?
    All the people who ends up here are eccentric in their own way; assumption!?

    oh yeah, and err.. congrats? :|

    • Several thousand birds are going to hit it if you leave a balloon in the sky for half a decade.

      Also, view count.

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