Some mid-term exam thing this morning

October 13, 2011

and it no longer matters ( ・´ー・`)

Well, I guess I could do whatever I like now… at least until Sunday anyway…

Unlucky enough to get caught up in some interview by some government agent about some stuff earlier today as well.

Hmm… what else to say…

Ah, right, since having too many Youtube instances per page would epicly rape the ram, I’ll be placing them under the fold from now on so the main page won’t have 7 Youtubes per page at any given time. Not really sure if the instances under the fold gets preloaded anyway or not though. No harm trying I suppose.

aaaaaaaand here’s the last song I heard on an international radio station on the last airplane I was last on last time. Can’t help but reminiscent the breezy winter morning streets of that foreign country every single time I listen to this.

I’ve seen this song uploaded and deleted on Youtube several times already lol. Columbia Music is t3h aggressive. Lets see how long this one survives.


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