Sector 7 & Ice Cream Baby melt

October 24, 2011

Here’s a breath of fresh air from all those gloomy and suicidal posts floating around here these days lol. No, I’m not suicidal.

Anyway, went out to catch Sector 7 in the cinemas today with a friend. It’s some Korean monster movie taking place in an oil rig. I’m not calling it horror because it feels more action than horror; perhaps due to the movie producers deciding to reveal the monster quite early in the movie so out the window most of the suspense element went. That, and I noticed the movie used a lot of stylized camerawork, slowdowns and those kind of techniques that’s usually confined to action and would look absolutely wtf in a typical horror.

Horror? Not much there is to be afraid of if everyone's armed...

I can’t help but note the monster reminds me of Lost Planet lol… and the monster’s cosmetic change in the end looks cool. As for the story, maybe because we went in almost half an hour late so I missed most of the context but I was finding many of actions and decisions of the characters strange, I have absolutely no idea what their motivation was; why so adamant at staying? Why are there so little personnel working on an oil rig? etc. Another thing that bugged me was the persistence of the monster to actually go to the trouble of looking for and killing each of the human characters, not to eat them or for breeding, but just for the sake of killing them. Unless one argues revenge (then we are assuming the monster is sentient, but I don’t believe so), the course of action the monster actually takes is absolutely questionable. In the principle of self-preservation, if something’s harming an animal in anyway (more so if burning yit alive), with all its might the animal would leave the harming thing, run away, and avoid it for the rest of its life. Much more so when there really isn’t any survival reasons to persevere (e.g. monster  not eating victims or using them for anything). Of course, the human side didn’t stay unharmed all the while but there’s something really masochistic about the monster in this film that just persistently comes back for more injuries. I mean, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhes, the fly, the xenomorphs, they all had some sorts of reasons to attack people. That aside, the story progression was also very straightforward with absolutely no sidetracking or subplots so the movie feels compact and shorter than what it really is. With all that said, it was a nice action movie (action movie, yes).

After that, I went around to a book shop and got myself this ↓

The book format is not in landscape, just that the cover's horizontal.

Never mentioned it in the blog (lol, I’m just never short of those am I) but, along with several others which I still haven’t found, I’ve been searching for this in a very long time. Not that easy to find because it’s somewhat old by now. So yeah, finally found it. In the very same book shop I also saw the second volume which I didn’t even knew existed, but since after lunch and the movie I only have enough left for just one so I didn’t get the second. At home I learned that the second book came out just two days ago, what luck lol. At the same time I’ve also received a mail telling me my orders in Kinokuniya has arrived so maybe I’ll get the second book together with those stuff over there. Well, I’ve been quite down these few days. Some diabetically charged moeness may be just what I need to cheer up a little.


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