A post which I had trouble thinking up a title for

October 29, 2011

Ok, well, I was supposed to be ultra busy this weekend because of a certain group assignment being due this coming Tuesday but I was held back by completely incompetent group members who just can’t do things right and  in time, and since my part heavily depends on their part, without theirs properly done I can’t do anything despite it all. And they go about with their excuses for not finishing any earlier, so they can have weeks for it while I have only a day or two? Smart fuck. Anyway~ so I had time, so just to get my mind off the shitty world I went and finished White Knight Chronicles 2 yesterday, started El Shaddai a few hours after that, and completed El Shaddai today. Nice game, better than I expected actually. The trial didn’t really did it justice I guess; it just gets better along with all the features and skills that gradually gets unlocked later on. Particularly liked the whole art direction of the game; feels like a trip through R’lyeh or something lol. Definitely may not be everyone’s cup of tea but me gusta.


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