Last Kiss

November 5, 2011

Done reading this today. Last Kiss by Sato Kei is quite an old book, released around nine years ago in 2002… ok, maybe not prehistorically ancient but old enough. In that sense, this review would have been 9 years too late lol.

Anyway, the story is about the one last summer holiday the main hero Izaki Tomohiro spends with his younger sister Izaki Yuka, who is ailing with some form of terminal bone marrow disease or malfunction or something like that. Interesting point is that the brother speaks in a Kansai dialect so it was a nice opportunity to learn that.

While the theme and setting is quite cliched — brother with ailing sister, etc, something along the lines of Kana Little Sister — the story still delivers quite nicely. It’s a tragic story, of course; how Tomohiro gradually reflects back and regret on how he used avoid his sister all along from the past leading up till that summer the more time he spends with her was quite touching. That coupled with Yuka’s dairy at the end that described what Yuka really felt and hid away during all those time was just heartwrenching. All in all, the story structure was effective in drawing emotions. I liked it.

Well, that’s another book done. Last Kiss following right up after Uchi no Majo, that was two consecutive sad/serious lightnovels in a row there. For the sake of natural balance I’d probably go for the comedy Nyarko next, maybe.


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