Some stuff

November 20, 2011

Life’s been on the fastlane the past few days. Fast not implying I’m getting fabulous fast but getting miserable fast. Assignments were aplenty and their due date were all around at the same time, not to mention they are all just a week or two away. Probably for the first time in the 5 years or college life I could recall I had so many completely (0 word counts) untouched assignments left around so close to their deadlines. The last week in particular was a terrible struggle to finish the most dreaded one of them all. As of now, I THINK I’m done with it… I’ve sent a copy to my lecturer for QC so there’s still the possibility of him bounding it back and asking me to redo it (in which case I would be doomed). Anyway, on to my non college life; the family car of 10 plus years was sold off a few days ago and the new family car was in yesterday. New car was quite different from old car… need to get used to it for a bit I suppose. Also, I’m almost about done reading Nyarko 8. Surprising how I could still find time to read this when I’m so pressed for time with my assignments, heh.


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