Road to the end of 2011

December 4, 2011

In a blink of an eye and it’s almost 365 days after my trip to Japan already… Repeat that another 70 times and I’m probably dead. Oh life.

College classes ended for me as of last week, kind of. Taking the exams and a weird assignment stuck in the middle of the holidays out of the account, last week technically marks the end of college for 2011 as well as the final days for some of my one semester senior classmates. With it also was the end of my month long assignment death rush (almost, there is one more in the holidays like I said >_>) and now I can actually have some time of my own again. Along with that also came a lot of my anticipated goodies; stuff below.

Along the way my Thrive and my 3 books orders (HataMaou 3, MaouMura 2, OtoIsho 3) arrive, also another one I got sometime between them (Strawberry Vampire by Kaoru). Only thing left for 2011 is the BRS figma. No idea when that one’s coming. I’m still reading UchiMajo2 and then there’s still Shakunetsu no Kobayakawa-san from the last batch of books before I can dig into this new pile. Lots of stuff to read~ Also, D-frag 5 will be out around the end of December so I’ll probably be going to Kinokuniya again just for that :D My Japanese classes would be resuming from this coming Tuesday onwards as well so that’s another thing to look forward to I guess. I’m reading more than I’m speaking this days lol.


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