The fake end

December 19, 2011

Today was the first and last day of my exams where I had one in the morning at 8 and another around near noon at 11. Oh the struggle the past few days was, going out and around all over the places for group studies and all that. Now that that is over, I’ll have to proceed to working on that one assignment that’ll due within this week. I’m as good as having done nothing at all for that one. At least it’s just one assignment now.

Went to catch Mission Impossible Ghost Recon with a friend today in the new IMAX theater nearby, god that was expensive. I won’t deny the experience was ok but… god that was expensive lol. Also, not sure if it’s because of the nature of the show itself but all the motion blur effects from the fast action kind of undermined the picture clarity of IMAX so it’s kind of underwhelming in that sense. As for MI itself, I’ll say it was average. Somehow I just can’t help but feel unconvinced with the story; quite a few questionable areas here and there. Being an action film, the action itself was ok.


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