Uchi no Majo Shirimasen ka? 2

January 6, 2012

Took quite a long time to finish this one this time around mainly because of the exams and streak of assignments around the end of last year; been floating around the final chapter that whole period lol. It’s another sad one continuing from the style of the first book, this time with a little more depth. It was actually quite thought provoking, for one it effectively made me feel that zoos are nothing but a business of pure evil where humanity capitalize from the exoticism and rarity of animals imposed by humanity themselves, and that endangered species preservation is self serving. Anyway, as mentioned before in a post awhile back, volume 2 takes place in the same time frame as volume 1 but from a different perspective with a different group of characters at a different part of town.

The prototype illustration by Cuteg. The final Hime had twintails as default.

Tounishi Atsuya, the main character this time, is a first year highschooler whose trait is a scary face that always got him in trouble for things he didn’t do. After a fall out with authorities at school, Atsuya went to a hidden hill to cool off, the same hill where Fumiya met Mira, and he stumbles upon Hime, the witch who ran from paradise to visit the human world. And the story develops from there. As Atsuya has long been haunted with unjustified prejudices for his looks, he has all but lost most of his faith in the world and lives a loose life in apathy. The story basically portrays his changing world view as he spends more time with Hime who finds amusement in everything she sees in the human world. Alas not to forget Uchi Majo 1 was essentially a tragic tale (kind of), Uchi Majo 2 is no exception. The theme this time is perhaps ‘undefiable difference in origins and position’, drawing on the inevitability of separation in the face of disallowing circumstances of the world regardless of how much two wants to be together. I don’t know how to write further without spoiling lol. The trait of the series whereby minimal number of characters are used to draw the plot also lives on here where the whole story fundamentally revolves around only Atsuya and Hime. Really really good read, I would recommend this to anyone.

Next book I’ll read should be Shakunetsu no Kobayakawa san.


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