Otousan to Issho! 3 Kimi no Kaeru Basho

February 17, 2012

Done reading this yesterday.

The end

This is the third and last volume in the OtoIsho series. Taking place after some time after the Lenigras incident in the 2nd volume, this time the stage is set in some southern tropical beach countryside where the third King is said to be detected and an investigation is undertaken by our group of characters. For that, there’s plenty of excuse for a beach episode. The family gets new member in this one in the form of a younger sister to Ru, Raira, who is said to be born for the purpose of assisting Ru in further developing her access ability to Ru’s King prototype which has been stalled since the first book. My opinion after reading the whole book is this; the first book is still the best. I notice a declining trend in this series, although the second book was still quite nice, the first one was really good, and now the third one somehow feels like the author was running out of ideas and just wants to end the series. The first one had suspense, mystery, and an elaborate plot. The second was straight forward but it explained a lot of things. The third one feels somewhat underwhelming by comparison, though it also did explain a little more about some subplots. With that said, it’s still not too bad a read; while you can’t help but wonder how forced the whole beach episode thing is around the beginning, there is a sudden unexpected plot twist later that just comes out of nowhere and spice things up a little. The book also ends with a somewhat proper closure so that’s good too. All in all, well, I’ve had better but it’s the last in the OtoIsho series so yeah, why not.

Next up, Maou na Ano Ko to Murabito A 2.

P.S. lol I still haven’t wrote about Shakunetsu no Kobayakawa-san. That one was quite interesting. Lets hope I manage to write it one of these day before I completely forget my impression on it. I’m currently in the assignment season of the semester again. I should be extremely busy with my assignment right now but instead I’m playing Star Ocean most of the time on my PS3. Priorities yay!


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