Grave digging

February 20, 2012

The now is the time again of the season when I’m being severely bogged down by the burden of college assignment. For that reason was why I’ve been hanging in limbo of not playing anything because I’m trying to do my assignment and not doing my assignment because of every other distraction around, Nico Nico Douga mostly. And because of my awareness that I go there and waste too much time watching random things that I try my best not to be around my PC and stayed in the living room a lot trying to do my assignment on the netbook + tablet, which didn’t go far because I end up watching Nico on my tablet anyway, or got too tired of working with the netbook’s abysmally tiny screen resolution. That and I’m actually taking time to type posts like this right now lol. And for today, there was another contributor.

I went down to Kinokuniya and got these:

  1. Aiura 1 (omfg yes!!!)
  2. Omamori Himari 9
  3. Tsugumomo 7
  4. Manga de Wakaru Shinryounaika 5
  5. Monster Girl

Aiura! Looked forward to that one the most in the pile. It’s one of my favourite web comics around. I talked a little about some time ago. This book includes both the episodes published online and the chapters published in the magazine, though not all online episodes were able to fit into the first book. Spent most of today reading that. Looking forward to the next one!

lol ok, how should I deal with this trouble I’m sowing for myself…


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