Hiya thar

March 29, 2012

This post should have been for yesterday but I fell asleep whilst resting on the bed and woke up at 5am the next day. That has been happening a lot lately, whenever I lie down on my bed anytime in the evening it would almost always be morning the next time I get up… my body must have reached its limits from my horribly messed up sleeping pattern. Anyway, I woke up slightly earlier than usual and got down to the city to pick up these:


  • Puchi Hound 7
  • Fushigi na Somera-chan 1 & 2
  • Ai Mai Mi 1 & 2

As might be obvious, Fushigi na Somera-chan and Ai Mai Mi are both by the same artist, Choboraunyopomi (the most random pen name, ever). She is brilliant with what the Japanese call ‘chaos’ comedy and being utterly unpredictable, ignoring every convention of everything, and flaunting the criminally dangerous chemistry of extremely cute drawings with extremely ruthless content. Been a fan of her equally ridiculous uploads on Nico Nico Douga but didn’t until recently knew that she actually professionally produced manga as well, so I just couldn’t help it lol. Read Somera 1 so far and it was great.

As for the other matters regarding books, I’m done reading Maou na Ano Ko 2 and Hataraku Maou 3 lol. Didn’t make a post after neither of those because I fell asleep haha. Including Shakunetsu no Kobayakawa-san, now I have 3 novels in the backlog to post about… maybe I’ll dedicate one entire post for them one of these days. Anyway, I’m out of novels to read as of now. I’ve also placed another order for another batch of books last week so I should be going down to the city again very soon lol. The next novel won’t be until this batch.

Besides that, on the PS3 I’ve been playing Neptunia mk2 for the last week or two but its been kind of in a limbo right in front of the final dungeon. Haven’t really touched the PS3 at all the past few days from falling asleep and not being home. The gameplay is very much better this time compared to the first Neptunia and the jokes are more recent (Enoch, chuu ni byou, PSN hack, RROD, Wii shovelwave, Idolmaster 2, Madoka Magica, Steins;Gate, Hirano Aya, H0kuto no Ken, Death Crimson, Macross Frontier, Monster Hunter, Mizuki Nana, etc) compared to the first Neptunia which covered the whole console gaming history in general. The jokes are particularly hilarious this time if one is familiar with what’s been happening in Japan the past few years. Again, there were quite a few jokes that got lost in translation based on the Japanese voice over the English text. Mostly internet jokes. Like chuu ni byou (中二病) and Death Crimson. Was thinking about making a post listing out all the jokes in the game some day ago but that didn’t took flight as I got lazy, as usual.

Uh… that’s about it I guess.


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