April 12, 2012

Went to watch Battleship at the cinemas with a friend today. When I first saw the trailer last year, with all the flashy hi-tech alien ships and all going boom bang, I thought it was yet another random sci-fi action flick – the animation style was also awfully familiar but then it eventually when I found out the Transformer guys were involved, all the excessive glass and gloss effect with the 3Ds and lens flare then made sense – the title then struck me, ‘Battleship’. Was it supposed to be based on that board game? The blindly shooting everywhere until you’ve killed everything game? ‘I don’t remember flying alien ships in that game’ was the first thing that came to my mind. Of course, I also eventually learn that it was indeed based on that game, and that it was another random sci-fi action flick.

Anyway, was somewhat entertaining enough. The eye candy was nice and I particularly liked the design for the alien ships and armor. However, there were too many filler scenes which were irrelevant to the whole plot progress. There was almost not relations to the original game as well besides that it involves ships and one particular scene where they and the enemy couldn’t see each other and had to rely on coordinates on a grid to attack. It’s also not very commendable story-wise, employing an ultra cliched worthless-arrogant-guy-who-always-get-into-trouble-but-eventually-grows-dependable-through-one-event-and-gets-the-girl formula. There was also many things which were unexplained (like why the aliens seem to target structures but not living things by default, wtf was that ‘flash back’ thing that happened when the guy touched the alien, etc). Besides those, there was also a certain part of the movie that I think is something of a disability empowerment message; which was out of place with the rest of the story and felt forced, not to mention that whole effort that guy did ultimately didn’t even contribute against the aliens as it was repaired almost immediately. In summary, it was weird here and there with obvious amateurism with direction but the alien ships were nice so it’s worth seeing if you like fancy spaceships lol. Oh right, speaking of the aliens, the aliens also seems to only have ONE kind of weapon on their ships – some self-drilling explosive projectiles that digs into enemies on contact – despite having such large and hi-tech looking ships… like… seriously… just one, lots of em’, but they are all just bulks of the same weapon… ok TWO, the other one was a launched deployable chain ball thing that does melee damage but most of the direct confrontations had them only spamming the former explosive projectiles. That particular aspect was weird.


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