Busy days

July 27, 2012

The past semester felt short, the previous post felt like last week but the date obviously tells its been ages. Too much happened between then and now… I’ve (in non chronological order):

  1. (almost) completed my final semester in college.
  2. finally fried my PC of 6 years beyond repair.
  3. had to do most of my assignments without my main PC and access to my usual resources.
  4. patched up a spanking new PC with some reusable parts so I could concentrate the entire budget on a non-shitty mobo, gpu, processor and all those much more important stuff.
  5. The power company came and replaced our old analog power meter with a new digital meter.
  6. Our monthly electricity bill suddenly went from 115 a  month to 845 a month.
  7. ordered, received, started playing, and paused from playing To Heart 2 DX edition.
  8. started playing and quickly cleared several doujin games which my previous PC weren’t able to run at all, on the new PC.
  9. Dad got injured at work when everyone was away from home for several days. With a strike of luck I happen to have stayed back instead. So I alone ended up had to handle all those random things that ensues with a hospital stay. Paperwork, waiting in line, traveling back and forth to the hospital several times a day, those kinda things, right when I was in the middle of rushing to meet my assignments deadline.
  10. Everyone else got back. Dad got better.
  11. Got mails, calls and went for several company’s job recruitment; passed all assessments I came across, failed all interviews I came across.
  12. Participated in and completed a HR project with one of the Big Four audit firms.
  13. something else I can’t remember.

And now I’m studying for my finals next week… not without little distractions and desire to procrastinate, like how I’m actually taking my time to post a blog entry now of all times after so many months lol.

There will be another job interview some time after the exam in August, then I’ll probably also go for a graduation trip to somewhere my group have not decided on yet…


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