Play-Asia giving out discounts.

March 21, 2014

Apparently, there is a sales going on at Play-Asia starting today. When I found out about this my first though was “tut this just had to happen right on the day after I purchased Ar nosurge”, and then I read further and found that it only applies to products that are released before the month of March. Sadly, Ar nosurge was released in March so, I guess I can feel less bad… or not. What they are offering is: 20% off everything released before March 2013. This offer starts today (21st of March) and will be in effect until the 28th March next week. For me, I just made myself a purchase yesterday so I won’t be buying anything else so soon. If any of you are interested you can head over to there if you like, here you go:

Play-Asia.com Spring Sale: 20% off in-stock products!


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