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Shiroki? Who the hell?

Just another one among millions of human on this blue ball in the middle of the universe who has an interest in Japan and many of the things that comes out of it (or smuggled out of it).

Very often do I import comics directly from Japan which usually costs 30 times more expensive than what I can find locally so I’m almost always broke. I’ve also used to collect figurines but I rarely do that now for reasons hinted above; even if I do, they are mostly only Busou Shinki models these days, or at least that is true as from when I’m typing this (May 12, 2007).

I watch animes on a regular basis and I play videogames on the PC, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo DSi; future additions being the Nintendo Wii when I’m less broke. As for music, I listen to all genres besides hiphop and rap but not without exceptions. Genre I particularly like includes symphony, ethnic, fantasia, electronica, gothic, rock, metal, pop, and several others that I can’t seem to remember right now; more precisely, I have a thing for wind and string instruments.

I like to try new things.

What the hell is this place?

Shiroki’s Thought Dump is a blog kind of thing… if that applies.

This place serves exactly what its name suggests; I throw whatever I have in mind here on a daily basis but based not on whether I have anything worthwhile to talk about but rather on whether I feel like actually doing it or not. Sometimes I review some movie  or anime I’m watching, other times I mention about the games I’m playing, while some other times I just toss in whatever I feel like putting up. I have to admit though, there probably will be more non-sense than there would be anything of quality. It also serves as a venue for me to type something since I don’t get much opportunity to type anything informal and long these days.

Also, I’m always posting dead at night half asleep so there are quite high chances for typos or grammatical errors in my entries. I would fix them if I check back and come across them but I don’t really check too often. If there are any typos, that’s probably why.



で、日本語で自己紹介とやらを書いたがこのブログ自体は主に英語です。まぁ 別に面白いことを書いてるわけでもないけどね。


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