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Initial negotiation on an Aiura anime

September 6, 2012

has started according to the latest chapter in Nico! Holy crap yes! Apathetic comedy ftw!

If negotiations go through, Aiura will be the first ever anime made based on a Nico Nico Manga serialization. Probably will never happen but it’ll be nice too if someone decides to do a proper 7 episode OVA of Anzel Game; 2 episodes for each arc, 3 episodes for the last arc — not that it’ll ever happen, not that it’ll ever happen, not that it’ll ever happen.


Gensou Mangekyou ~ Tsuki ni Murakumo Hana ni Kaze PV

January 2, 2012

Comiket 81 just went by the last weekend along with 2011, and the good guys who made the previous Gensou Mangekyou now has something new up their sleeves. Manpuku Jinja, the creator of Gensou Mangekyou, has been stuck with the same project (the previous one) for a very long time. This will probably stuck on them for the next very long time lol. With the previous Gensou Magenkyou depicting more or less the entire events of Touhou Youyoumu PCB (TH7), this one seems to cover Chireiden SA (TH11), proving the decision on what to do next is completely up to their discretion  and does not follow the canon chronology. Fine either way. Also note the fight between Reimu and Utsuho has some inspiration drawn from Touhou Dogfight.


Yume Nikki anime

November 3, 2011

An effort is on the way for an (yet another) attempt at turning Yume Nikki into an anime on Nico Nico Douga by a member, Gokiburi no Dashi. No words on how long it would be but according to his production notes it does appear to be planned for at least some significant volume. Being an independent endeavour, there are no date of release set on stone though Gokiburi did mention he hopes to have it done by March 2012. Another thing to look forward to next year.


Gensou Mangekyou

May 9, 2011

Once upon a time, this was in the works:

Stuff happened and it got cancelled, and then resumed, and a new trailer surfaced today:

Summer! (゜∀゜)


A certain half-assed anime related post

September 23, 2009

I’m doing this while juggling with my assignments (oh the urgency lol) so I’m not going to type too much. I’ll just let the video do the speaking, I don’t think I’d need to say much else after you’ve watched them anyway.

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List of anime DVD/VCD/whatever

April 6, 2009

Been meaning to make this post a few lifetimes ago but never got myself to do so because I was too lazy to take my DVDs out of the cupboard to log what I have =__=

I have been planning to sell off my animes sometime back when I noticed that I have kept them in the cupboard untouched for several years; might as well clear it off and use the cupboard for something else since I don’t really feel much attachment to them anymore now. Well, of course, I won’t sell off all of them since there are a few series that I really liked. There are also a few that were slightly damaged from wear and tear too so I can’t sell those as well (can’t remember which one though).

Anyway, I finally made a list of my stuff a moment ago (in no particular order):
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February 20, 2009

Denpateki na Kanojo! It’s awesome~~~ With yanderes and psychopaths and stuff. Pity that it’s only a single episode OVA; would have liked moar. (too lazy to read the novels) The theme song, Taiyou by Tenohira, was great too. I’m looking forward to its single release… whenever that may be.

The rest of the day though, wasn’t special.