Kamijigen Game Neptune V (victory)

April 17, 2012


So… happy…

Also, Choujigen Game Neptune → Choujigen Game Neptune mk2 → Kamijigen Game Neptune V

(3) !? (4) !?

It’s marketed as a ‘new Neptune series’, not really sure if it’s really just another entry in the current Neptune series or actually a whole new series. Not like mk2 was canon to the first game anyway lol. Also, there was a brief hype up about a rumoured game featuring Noire as the main character some time ago on the official blog but there hasn’t been any news update about that ever since it was somewhat implied to be on halt in an entry from the end of March so not sure if that game was actually V, or what it eventually became. Well, seeing how much the game improved in mk2, V is very promising, veeery promising.

Site is here.



April 12, 2012

Went to watch Battleship at the cinemas with a friend today. When I first saw the trailer last year, with all the flashy hi-tech alien ships and all going boom bang, I thought it was yet another random sci-fi action flick – the animation style was also awfully familiar but then it eventually when I found out the Transformer guys were involved, all the excessive glass and gloss effect with the 3Ds and lens flare then made sense – the title then struck me, ‘Battleship’. Was it supposed to be based on that board game? The blindly shooting everywhere until you’ve killed everything game? ‘I don’t remember flying alien ships in that game’ was the first thing that came to my mind. Of course, I also eventually learn that it was indeed based on that game, and that it was another random sci-fi action flick.

Anyway, was somewhat entertaining enough. The eye candy was nice and I particularly liked the design for the alien ships and armor. However, there were too many filler scenes which were irrelevant to the whole plot progress. There was almost not relations to the original game as well besides that it involves ships and one particular scene where they and the enemy couldn’t see each other and had to rely on coordinates on a grid to attack. It’s also not very commendable story-wise, employing an ultra cliched worthless-arrogant-guy-who-always-get-into-trouble-but-eventually-grows-dependable-through-one-event-and-gets-the-girl formula. There was also many things which were unexplained (like why the aliens seem to target structures but not living things by default, wtf was that ‘flash back’ thing that happened when the guy touched the alien, etc). Besides those, there was also a certain part of the movie that I think is something of a disability empowerment message; which was out of place with the rest of the story and felt forced, not to mention that whole effort that guy did ultimately didn’t even contribute against the aliens as it was repaired almost immediately. In summary, it was weird here and there with obvious amateurism with direction but the alien ships were nice so it’s worth seeing if you like fancy spaceships lol. Oh right, speaking of the aliens, the aliens also seems to only have ONE kind of weapon on their ships – some self-drilling explosive projectiles that digs into enemies on contact – despite having such large and hi-tech looking ships… like… seriously… just one, lots of em’, but they are all just bulks of the same weapon… ok TWO, the other one was a launched deployable chain ball thing that does melee damage but most of the direct confrontations had them only spamming the former explosive projectiles. That particular aspect was weird.


Aquapazza, on PS3

April 2, 2012

OH MY FREAKING SHIT! 8379 yen for premium huh. TIME TO SAVE UP! The one with the stick is a little too much out of my reach though lol.

Based on the promo video, it seems like it might be based on version 2.0 of the arcade with the 3 new playable characters and 3 new partner characters. The 3 playable characters and 3 partner characters are Sasara, Oboro, Chizuru, Yu, Llyr and Serika respectively. However, the Character page is grayed out in the official site for the PS3 version so that might mean there may be more character updates to the arcade version down the line that may also be planned to be in the PS3 version… that’s a lot of mights lol, who knows. It’s nice to dream.

Here’s the official page: clicky

Here’s past entry on Aquapazza: clicky


Hiya thar

March 29, 2012

This post should have been for yesterday but I fell asleep whilst resting on the bed and woke up at 5am the next day. That has been happening a lot lately, whenever I lie down on my bed anytime in the evening it would almost always be morning the next time I get up… my body must have reached its limits from my horribly messed up sleeping pattern. Anyway, I woke up slightly earlier than usual and got down to the city to pick up these:


  • Puchi Hound 7
  • Fushigi na Somera-chan 1 & 2
  • Ai Mai Mi 1 & 2

As might be obvious, Fushigi na Somera-chan and Ai Mai Mi are both by the same artist, Choboraunyopomi (the most random pen name, ever). She is brilliant with what the Japanese call ‘chaos’ comedy and being utterly unpredictable, ignoring every convention of everything, and flaunting the criminally dangerous chemistry of extremely cute drawings with extremely ruthless content. Been a fan of her equally ridiculous uploads on Nico Nico Douga but didn’t until recently knew that she actually professionally produced manga as well, so I just couldn’t help it lol. Read Somera 1 so far and it was great.

As for the other matters regarding books, I’m done reading Maou na Ano Ko 2 and Hataraku Maou 3 lol. Didn’t make a post after neither of those because I fell asleep haha. Including Shakunetsu no Kobayakawa-san, now I have 3 novels in the backlog to post about… maybe I’ll dedicate one entire post for them one of these days. Anyway, I’m out of novels to read as of now. I’ve also placed another order for another batch of books last week so I should be going down to the city again very soon lol. The next novel won’t be until this batch.

Besides that, on the PS3 I’ve been playing Neptunia mk2 for the last week or two but its been kind of in a limbo right in front of the final dungeon. Haven’t really touched the PS3 at all the past few days from falling asleep and not being home. The gameplay is very much better this time compared to the first Neptunia and the jokes are more recent (Enoch, chuu ni byou, PSN hack, RROD, Wii shovelwave, Idolmaster 2, Madoka Magica, Steins;Gate, Hirano Aya, H0kuto no Ken, Death Crimson, Macross Frontier, Monster Hunter, Mizuki Nana, etc) compared to the first Neptunia which covered the whole console gaming history in general. The jokes are particularly hilarious this time if one is familiar with what’s been happening in Japan the past few years. Again, there were quite a few jokes that got lost in translation based on the Japanese voice over the English text. Mostly internet jokes. Like chuu ni byou (中二病) and Death Crimson. Was thinking about making a post listing out all the jokes in the game some day ago but that didn’t took flight as I got lazy, as usual.

Uh… that’s about it I guess.



February 22, 2012

The MMD Cup was around recently. Come to think of it that was also one of the culprit that was messing with my motivation to do my assignment lol. Anyway, it’s proceeding somehow.


Grave digging

February 20, 2012

The now is the time again of the season when I’m being severely bogged down by the burden of college assignment. For that reason was why I’ve been hanging in limbo of not playing anything because I’m trying to do my assignment and not doing my assignment because of every other distraction around, Nico Nico Douga mostly. And because of my awareness that I go there and waste too much time watching random things that I try my best not to be around my PC and stayed in the living room a lot trying to do my assignment on the netbook + tablet, which didn’t go far because I end up watching Nico on my tablet anyway, or got too tired of working with the netbook’s abysmally tiny screen resolution. That and I’m actually taking time to type posts like this right now lol. And for today, there was another contributor.

I went down to Kinokuniya and got these:

  1. Aiura 1 (omfg yes!!!)
  2. Omamori Himari 9
  3. Tsugumomo 7
  4. Manga de Wakaru Shinryounaika 5
  5. Monster Girl

Aiura! Looked forward to that one the most in the pile. It’s one of my favourite web comics around. I talked a little about some time ago. This book includes both the episodes published online and the chapters published in the magazine, though not all online episodes were able to fit into the first book. Spent most of today reading that. Looking forward to the next one!

lol ok, how should I deal with this trouble I’m sowing for myself…


Otousan to Issho! 3 Kimi no Kaeru Basho

February 17, 2012

Done reading this yesterday.

The end

This is the third and last volume in the OtoIsho series. Taking place after some time after the Lenigras incident in the 2nd volume, this time the stage is set in some southern tropical beach countryside where the third King is said to be detected and an investigation is undertaken by our group of characters. For that, there’s plenty of excuse for a beach episode. The family gets new member in this one in the form of a younger sister to Ru, Raira, who is said to be born for the purpose of assisting Ru in further developing her access ability to Ru’s King prototype which has been stalled since the first book. My opinion after reading the whole book is this; the first book is still the best. I notice a declining trend in this series, although the second book was still quite nice, the first one was really good, and now the third one somehow feels like the author was running out of ideas and just wants to end the series. The first one had suspense, mystery, and an elaborate plot. The second was straight forward but it explained a lot of things. The third one feels somewhat underwhelming by comparison, though it also did explain a little more about some subplots. With that said, it’s still not too bad a read; while you can’t help but wonder how forced the whole beach episode thing is around the beginning, there is a sudden unexpected plot twist later that just comes out of nowhere and spice things up a little. The book also ends with a somewhat proper closure so that’s good too. All in all, well, I’ve had better but it’s the last in the OtoIsho series so yeah, why not.

Next up, Maou na Ano Ko to Murabito A 2.

P.S. lol I still haven’t wrote about Shakunetsu no Kobayakawa-san. That one was quite interesting. Lets hope I manage to write it one of these day before I completely forget my impression on it. I’m currently in the assignment season of the semester again. I should be extremely busy with my assignment right now but instead I’m playing Star Ocean most of the time on my PS3. Priorities yay!