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Neptune V stuff

May 13, 2012

The website is now updated with character info, screen shots and stuff. The story this time seems to involve Neptune being somehow transported to a Gamindustry in an alternate dimension (alternate time?) which resembles the console gaming industry of the end of the 1980s. There will be Noire which represent the first PS (gray one, not the white ps1), Vert which represents the first xbox (black), Blanc as the Famicom (first JP edition, white red), and the new goddess Pururut (random romanisation), the goddess of Planeptune of that time. In battle screen shots seem to show the characters standing in line facing the opponents and that AP seem to have been ditched, suggesting that maybe the free movement system from mk2 has been removed, or revamped somehow to not need AP, however that might work. At least one thing is for sure, it still does seem to be turn based rather than realtime since the turn indicator is still there on the upper left.


Kamijigen Game Neptune V (victory)

April 17, 2012


So… happy…

Also, Choujigen Game Neptune → Choujigen Game Neptune mk2 → Kamijigen Game Neptune V

(3) !? (4) !?

It’s marketed as a ‘new Neptune series’, not really sure if it’s really just another entry in the current Neptune series or actually a whole new series. Not like mk2 was canon to the first game anyway lol. Also, there was a brief hype up about a rumoured game featuring Noire as the main character some time ago on the official blog but there hasn’t been any news update about that ever since it was somewhat implied to be on halt in an entry from the end of March so not sure if that game was actually V, or what it eventually became. Well, seeing how much the game improved in mk2, V is very promising, veeery promising.

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