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Ar nosurge

March 20, 2014
Girls and robots, nuff said

Ion & Earthes; one pair of the two sets of main characters.

Some of you may be aware of this but Ar nosurge was released in Japan just recently. I have heard of the news of a RPG in the PS Vita Ciel no Surge series in development that would be released for the PS3 some time last year but I never had the time to followed up on that, next thing I know it was already released, heh. I’ve been particularly interested in Ciel no Surge for a very long time because it’s by Gust and from the looks of it alone clearly is the spiritual successor to the Ar Tonelico series (which I love!!!). It’s not set on the planet Ar Ciel, the Ar Tonelico world, but the whole mechanical surrounding theme is there, and song magic is still there, yeah close enough. Anyway I was never able to actually play Ciel no Surge because, well, it’s for Vita, AND I STILL DON’T HAVE A VITA ARGH. Then they announced a new entry in the series for the PS3, an RPG too (Ciel wasn’t an RPG, it’s some sim of sorts), and I was half-elated. Half because as I usually prefer to thoroughly enjoy a game – its references, cameos and all – I never really liked jumping into a series from its sequels. I guess it can’t be helped with this one. What I’m hearing is that it’s a prequel (?) to the events in Ciel no Surge? I’m not really sure about that yet.

Another point that really piqued my interest was that people are saying the battle system resembles Ar Tonelico 2. As you may have knows if you followed my review on Ar Tonelico 3 all those years ago, I’ve said that Ar Tonelico 2 had the best battle systems (IMO) in the entire series mainly because it had Ar Tonelico 1 to learn from and vastly improve from whereas they scrapped all those experiences by starting over again with an entirely new battle system in Ar Tonelico 3 (which was quite…. ‘bare’, in comparison).

I’ll be placing an order on Play-Asia later today and hope to get it within the week. ok… that’s probably impossible, maybe next week. So, out of my random busyness and having forgotten about this until yesterday, why am I suddenly so eager to buy it ASAP? Because a visit to the Ar nosurge website tells that they are giving out one free DLC of our choice for a period until the end of March. That and coupled with Play-Asia offering free shipment for it! Free shipment always seals the deal for me lol. Anyways, do check Ar nosurge out through the link below if you are interested.

Ar no Surge: Umareizuru Hoshi he inoru Shi | Buy Ar no Surge: Umareizuru Hoshi he inoru Shi (Japan Version) for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

The limited edition seem to be still in stock and enjoys the free shipping too but it’s way over my budget. If you are interested you can have a look at that too I guess. The box looks dang cool though, dammit =__= It also comes with music box thing that plays a tune that’s probably vital to the story. Anyway, link to it is below, video review of the music box further below.

Ar no Surge: Umareizuru Hoshi he inoru Shi [Agent Pack] | Buy Ar no Surge: Umareizuru Hoshi he inoru Shi [Agent Pack] (Japan Version) for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Update: seems like free shipment only applies to the cheapest choice in their list instead of free Fedex. Perhaps that was obvious, haha…ha…sigh. Oh well, $9 for Fedex is ok I guess.


Neptune V stuff

May 13, 2012

The website is now updated with character info, screen shots and stuff. The story this time seems to involve Neptune being somehow transported to a Gamindustry in an alternate dimension (alternate time?) which resembles the console gaming industry of the end of the 1980s. There will be Noire which represent the first PS (gray one, not the white ps1), Vert which represents the first xbox (black), Blanc as the Famicom (first JP edition, white red), and the new goddess Pururut (random romanisation), the goddess of Planeptune of that time. In battle screen shots seem to show the characters standing in line facing the opponents and that AP seem to have been ditched, suggesting that maybe the free movement system from mk2 has been removed, or revamped somehow to not need AP, however that might work. At least one thing is for sure, it still does seem to be turn based rather than realtime since the turn indicator is still there on the upper left.


Kamijigen Game Neptune V (victory)

April 17, 2012


So… happy…

Also, Choujigen Game Neptune → Choujigen Game Neptune mk2 → Kamijigen Game Neptune V

(3) !? (4) !?

It’s marketed as a ‘new Neptune series’, not really sure if it’s really just another entry in the current Neptune series or actually a whole new series. Not like mk2 was canon to the first game anyway lol. Also, there was a brief hype up about a rumoured game featuring Noire as the main character some time ago on the official blog but there hasn’t been any news update about that ever since it was somewhat implied to be on halt in an entry from the end of March so not sure if that game was actually V, or what it eventually became. Well, seeing how much the game improved in mk2, V is very promising, veeery promising.

Site is here.


Aquapazza, on PS3

April 2, 2012

OH MY FREAKING SHIT! 8379 yen for premium huh. TIME TO SAVE UP! The one with the stick is a little too much out of my reach though lol.

Based on the promo video, it seems like it might be based on version 2.0 of the arcade with the 3 new playable characters and 3 new partner characters. The 3 playable characters and 3 partner characters are Sasara, Oboro, Chizuru, Yu, Llyr and Serika respectively. However, the Character page is grayed out in the official site for the PS3 version so that might mean there may be more character updates to the arcade version down the line that may also be planned to be in the PS3 version… that’s a lot of mights lol, who knows. It’s nice to dream.

Here’s the official page: clicky

Here’s past entry on Aquapazza: clicky


Third-quarter 2011 PS3 games

July 14, 2011

Here are some games I probably would buy very soon, and some I may or may not depending on whatever. lol so many list post these days, they make an easy excuse of a  long-ish post with little effort in sentence structuring. Should I create a new category?

Probably would get

May or may not get


JLPT N1 and White Album

July 4, 2011

Went for the JLPT level 1 exam yesterday. I’ll refrain from saying how (I think) I fared orz The exam was held in the heart of the capital so I spent a couple of hours after the exam ended at 1pm walking around the place for fun since I never get down to that part of the city unless I had a good reason to do so (JLPT’s good enough). Kind of refreshing it was I guess.

Like my college exams, I didn’t really feel much sense of urgency for the JLPT exam right up to the few days leading up to it. Also like my college exams, when I did begin feeling restless about the exam getting closer, I start doing something other than studying lol. When my college exams came a few weeks ago, I started watching anime; now the two days before my JLPT, I started playing White Album. Yeah, White Album, that Aquaplus PS3 remake of the old PC eroge by Leaf. Fast forward three days, I’ve cleared one ending today.


Like always, clearing these galges, eroges and the like leaves me feeling all warm and heavy inside. Something with ending up feeling attached to the characters and all that and when the credits roll you get torn or something like that. I’ll quote myself saying something somewhat relevant:

…going through these eroges leave me more an emotional impression compared to regular games. Maybe it’s because eroges are more about reading and looking at what’s going on rather then making things happen yourself…

Source: here

lol that was probably the first time I’ve ever used the block quote tag in wordpress.

This time is a rare case where the first ending I went for wasn’t the main heroine’s ending; usually I would go for the main heroine first because that’s usually the canonical/true ending(?), I guess. The ending that would be used in the anime adaption (if one ever materializes). Now I’m contemplating whether I should jump straight back into New Game and proceed with the other endings or should go play something else first before coming back, just for variation’s sake. I guess I do still have the few hour game play save data for Futakoi from the other day, and I also am quite tempted to play Shugo no Tate again (if I can find the disk). Come to think of it, I STILL have not finished Tenshinranman zomg! How many years ago was that already!? lol but then again, there are many games that I have left hanging in mid air. Looking through the links I’ve posted in this post alone, I’ve started feeling tempted to replay Thirua Panic as well. … maybe I should stop reading my own blog for today.

Oh, almost forgot, I was playing Dead Nation too the few days before I started White Album. Was done with that as well. That game was quite fun, had the whole Contra arcade feel to it. Just that the stage design was such that it felt monotonous where even when the backdrop is totally different between every stage, it doesn’t feel any different when you actually get into the game. Also, the total lack of indoor action is a shame. But despite that, it’s still fun enough.


Amazon Japan opens preorder for Tales of Xillia

June 1, 2011

Just days after I mention Tales of Xillia, Amazon Japan has opened preorder for Tales of Xillia today. As usual, first batch preorder gets lots of extra goodies in exchange for risky purchasing without any third party opinion, well… you’d be that third party opinion if you have the first batch lol. Extras this time includes some product codes and extra in-game character costumes to be redeemed from PSN, assuming PSN Japan’s actually back online by September lol. I’m actually very tempted to place an order for this. I never mentioned it after that but I’ve actually placed the order and paid for the BRS game from the last time as well so I guess I could shave quite some cost from the delivery by having both of them sent together if I ever order Xillia as well. But on the other hand I’m quite skeptical of Namco on this one, what with their reputation to release ‘complete edition’s on totally different consoles one year after they release a game. I’d be very relieved if Xillia was in native 1080p lol, otherwise many things do subtly suggest they might pull off the ‘complete edition’ thing on Xillia as well… but then again, I really want to play this, hmmmmmmm…

Click on the picture above to go to the Tales of Xillia page on Amazon Japan, if you want to place an order or look at the screenshots or whatever.

On to another story, I’ve started on Tears to Tiara since after I was (kind of; still had two extra bosses to fight actually, but oh wellz~) done with Tales of Graces the other day. lolz sure took me long to play this, thinking back about when I first made mention of the game in here. To think most of the web traffic here from Google Images since then was through this picture… lmao, internet oh internet.