Some stuff yesterday and today

July 23, 2009

Effortless entry title, yes~

I’ve completed Cross of Venus yesterday and the reason why I didn’t make an entry yesterday was because I was too busy fighting against all the optional bosses unlocked after clearing the game, which by now I’ve successfully beaten 3 out of 4 (the last one wasn’t impossible to defeat, just that I got tired so I went to bed).

And nothing happened today so here are some (lots) videos that I’ve seen through the anime I’ve watched, games I’ve played and my visits to Nico Nico these past two days. Proceed if you are sure your PC can handle the load.


One comment

  1. I couldn’t even play the first two videos. One was removed, the other was private. ^^; Fanin was watching Umineko but I haven’t seen it. Avalon Code looks interesting, I probably won’t get it though. I’ve heard of Luminous Arc but I don’t know anything about it. Based on the video, it seems to be an RPG!

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